Bishop Ongtioco on Day of the Religious: Encounter and be encountered by Jesus

QUEZON CITY— The Feast of the Presentation of Jesus, also observed in the universal Church as the World Day for Consecrated Life, was celebrated with a Holy Mass led by Cubao Bishop Honesto Ongtioco at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on Saturday.

The feast is being celebrated every February 2 to commemorate the ritual presentation of the baby Jesus who enters the Temple and comes to encounter His people.

In his Homily, Ongtioco emphasized the difference between worldly life and consecrated life saying living worldly aims to do whatever we want, while living consecrated chooses humble obedience as the greater freedom.

He added, “The secret to fanning the flame of our spiritual life is a willingness to allow ourselves to encounter Jesus and to be encountered by Him otherwise we fall into a stifling life where disgruntlement, bitterness and inevitable disappointments get the better of us”.

Bp. Ongtioco ended leaving a reminder to hold the Lord not only in our hearts but also in our hands, in everywhere we go.

“If we encounter Jesus in the everyday events of our life, our hearts will no longer be set on the past or the future, but we’ll experience the today of God in peace with everyone”, he stressed.

Prior to the Eucharistic celebration, representatives of the various religious congregations in the Diocese of Cubao gathered at the Fr. Mark Horran Hall of the shrine to listen to a talk given by Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David. (Kate Ann Ferrer/Cubao Media)