The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao (Latin: Dioecesis Cubaoensis) is Roman Rite diocese of the Latin Church of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. The diocese was created by St. Pope John Paul II on June 28, 2003, by virtue of the papal bull Quo Satius Provideretur, and was canonically erected on August 28, 2003, the feast day of Saint Augustine. The diocese previously existed as the Ecclesiastical District of Quezon City South (renamed the District of Cubao in 2002).

The Diocese of Cubao is a suffragan diocese of the Archdiocese of Manila.



A community of Christ-like disciples empowered and sent through effective servant leadership moving towards becoming Church of the Poor

Land Area: 76.14 sq. kms.
Total Population: 1,399,559 (as of 2009)
Catholic Population: 1,194,567
Bishop: 1
Diocesan Priests: 45
Religious Priests (with Assignments): 8
Guest Priests: 39 (as of April 15, 2010)
Seminarians: 21
Vicariates: 6
Parishes: 47
Quasi Parishes: 2
Under Diocesan: 38
Under Religious: 9
Number of Religious Congregations
   MEN: 33
   WOMEN: 85
Catholic Educational Institutions
   DOCES: 7
   NON-MAPSA: 25
Charitable & Social Institutions: 20
Retreat Houses: 11
Full-Time Catechists: 60
Volunteer Catechists: 140
National Shrines: 3
Diocesan Shrines: 3


Bishop Honesto Ongtioco was born on Oct. 17, 1948 in San Fernando , Pampanga province. He was ordained to the priesthood on Dec. 8, 1972 at the province's Cathedral of the Assumption and was ordained bishop in the same church on June 18, 1998. He was invested as honorary prelate in March 21, 1992. On April 8, 1998 he was appointed second residential bishop of Balanga, Bataan province by Pope John Paul II. He was appointed the first bishop of Cubao on June 28, 2003 and was installed on Aug. 28 of the same year.

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As an effective “resource center”, the Diocese envisions itself to serve as channels of :

  • Spiritual programs and activities that can touch base with and form the pastoral life of the community;
  • Social transformation to encourage the living out of social justice that will bring about equitable distribution of goods in the Church;
  • Religious popular expressions in the faith life of the community enmeshed in the experience of Filipino culture;
  • Formation programs to “conscienticize” the community for public involvement and service for the common good.

Pastoral Goals


Fittingly carved from its name, C-U-B-A-O, the Diocese has the following Core Values:

  • C-onversion and Renewal
  • U-nity in diversity
  • B-eing and Becoming
  • A-uthenticity and Availability 
  • O-penness and Flexibility 


Core Values


A community of Christ-like disciples empowered and sent through effective servant leadership moving towards becoming Church of the Poor



  •  Location: 41 Lantana Street, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, 1109 
  • Phone: (02) 723- 5113 to 16
  • Email: [email protected]