Cubao Diocese concludes Diocesan Synodal Consultation

Quezon City, Philippines – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao, finally finished its Diocesan Phase of the Synodal Consultation. A closing mass was held last May 31, 2022, led by H.E. Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco, D.D., Bishop of Cubao.

In his message, Bishop Ongtioco thanked all of the participants and the lay people who spearheaded the spiritual conversations from which the data for the synodal consultation were collected. “I thank you all for responding in this moment of grace in the Diocese, a moment where we experience what it means to be a church, what it means to be a people of God, a family, and a community reflecting the goodness of God,” Bishop said in his homily. According to the prelate, the synodal consultation was a great experience in the history of the diocese for the Church to be informed about the needs of the people and to also know the concerns arising from the implementation of its eight-point priority agenda. “The experience of having a synodal consultation for the first time in the history of the Diocese enables us to be more informed in our local Church and other concerns like the implementation of our 8 priority agenda since many activities in the parishes stopped because of the pandemic.” He then challenged everyone to continue walking in the synodal way by emptying oneself. “In order to truly walk in the synodal way, we must undergo the kenosis of Christ – a self-emptying that leads to docility to the [practice] of the Holy Spirit.”

Bro. Jojo Sumpaico, the lay coordinator of the diocesan synodal consultation emphasized the lessons that the Diocese learned from the consultation. According to him, the study showed that the diocese’s Santatlo was wounded from the lack of concern that created division among each other. “We, as Santatlo, are all wounded and need healing. We have to heal each other from the lack of concern that created the great divide between those in the peripheries and our self.” Bro. Sumpaico also said that after the synodal consultation, the diocese will soon start its Parish Pastoral Planning to immediately address the needs of the parishes especially now that everyone had suffered because of the pandemic.

Last October 2, 2021, the Diocese of Cubao started its Diocesan Synodal Consultation, there were 47 parishes that conducted the consultations and spiritual conversations. Spiritual Conversations were conducted either face-to-face or online using social media platforms. Participants came from parish servant-leaders and workers, BECs, former OFWs, non-Catholics, Trans-Parochial communities, PWDs, parents of scholars, donors, LGBTQ+, youth, senior citizens, PREX graduates, barangay officials and workers, etc. The most significant participants came from classes D & E, mainly because these were people not often heard by the Church.

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