KATESISMO NI NANAY (Catechism for Mothers)

The Parish of the Holy Sacrifice launched the “Katesismo ni Nanay” last Sunday, May 9, 2021.

Katesismo ni Nanay or Catechism for Mothers is a 6-month long catechetical program for mothers on the Jubilee Year of Christianity in the Philippines and the Year of Saint Joseph. There will be 2 batches of 12 meetings each.

Mothers in the area of Parish of the Holy Sacrifice are invited to come every Wednesday at 2-4 in the afternoon for catechism and prayer. Since children are not yet allowed to go out of the house, the mothers are asked to be the ones to receive the catechetical instructions and teach their children what they have learned. By this, mothers will be the Family Catechist!

The venue will be the Parish Church since it is already prepared for physical distancing. Only a maximum of 50 mothers will be admitted. The basic protocols shall be observed, wearing of masks, temperature check, sanitation of hands with alcohol, contact tracing.

Catechetical Instructors will come from our Catechetical Ministry in the Diocese of Cubao in collaboration with our Parish Catechetical Ministry.

Parishioners, Alumni, and Friends are asked to assist the KATESISMO NI NANAY with your prayers and support.

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