SANTATLO: The Pillars of the Diocese of Cubao

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao celebrates its 17th Canonical Establishment Anniversary this August 28, 2020, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Most Reverend Honesto F. Ongtioco, D.D., Bishop of Cubao, mentioned in his inspirational message how the diocese continues to be truly a Church even during the time of pandemic.

He highlighted the work of the “Santatlo”- the pillars of the Diocese of Cubao which consist of the Priests, Religious, and the Laity.

The prelate said that after being prohibited from conducting religious gatherings, the priests found creative ways on how to continue nurturing the faith, the spiritual life, and the physical needs of the community. They have done online masses, online recollections, and even resorted to selling goods and other items just to raise funds for the needs of the parishes.

Meanwhile, Bishop Ongtioco expressed admiration for the religious in mobilizing their community to be able to help the poor despite the risk of contracting the virus.

He also thanked the laity for being generous in supporting the diocese and its small parishes since the beginning of the lockdown when gatherings were prohibited and there were no collections from the masses.

He also commended the Diocese of Cubao Educational System (DOCES) for continuing its mission of forming young people with quality education despite the decrease of enrollment in schools.

“They say that this is the worst crisis the world has ever experienced in many years. But beyond the dismal statistics of infection, death, and joblessness, we have the grace to see the mercy of God embracing us as we stand on this City on a Hill,” Bishop Ongtioco said in his message.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao which was previously the Quezon City South District under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila was declared to be a diocese by Pope John Paul II on June 28, 2003.

It was canonically erected on August 28, 2003, with the installation of Most Rev. Honesto Ongtioco, D.D. as the first bishop of the diocese.

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Cubao was liturgically proclaimed as the seat of the diocese on the same date.

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