QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES – The Roman Catholic Bishop of Cubao warns the faithful of those who solicit using his name and the church.

This was after Cubao Bishop Honesto Ongtioco receive the information that he was purportedly asking for donations from parishes amounting to P256,337.29.

The amount that will be collected is said to be used to build a quarantine hospital for missionaries and Christians around the world that has been infected by the Coronavirus disease.

Bishop Ongtioco strongly condemned this immoral act of taking advantage of the crisis that is happening in the world.

“Isang paalala din po na ngayong panahon ng Krisis ay hindi nawawala ang mga mapagsamantala, anu mang paraan ng panghihingi ng Donasyon para sa COVID-19 na ginagamit ang aking pangalan, o ang ating simbahan ay mariin kong kinokondena. Huwag po tayong magpaloko, at ipagbigay alam ito sa kinauukulan.” Bishop Ongtioco said over the interview with Cubao Social Communications Ministry.

Father Herbert Santos, Director of Cubao Social Communications Ministry, emphasized that any letter asking for donation using the letter head of the diocese and the signature of Father Michael James Ty, the diocese’s Vice-Chancellor, is fake.

He encourages the faithful to report to the diocese if they have information that can help identify the person behind the fake solicitation letters.

As of writing there had been two fake solicitation letters circulating in the diocese, both asking for the same amount of financial donation. The second letter indicated a bank account with the Account Name of Zendi Villa.

“A letter has been circulating allegedly from the Diocese of Cubao using our letterhead and signatory soliciting donations for the COVID-19 crisis and even indicating a bank account for deposits. We wish to inform the people of Cubao that this letter is fake and that the Diocese of Cubao has not issued any such call for donations. If you have any information that you can share to help us identify those propagating this fake news, kindly send us a private message at the Cubao Facebook Page. Thank you for your cooperation and we pray that we can help each other in this crisis instead of taking advantage of the situation.” Father Santos said.

He also hopes that Catholics would be very careful so that they do not fall victims of people taking advantage of the crisis.

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