Wednesday, 22nd Week in Ordinary Time



Rev. Fr. Nelson Orqueta


*  There are three lessons from today’s gospel miracle story…

1. Jesus was always ready to serve.

     No sooner had Jesus left the synagogue and entered Peter’s house

        than the insistent cry of human need was at him.

     He did not claim that he was tired and must rest.

        -  He responded to a need without complaint.

*  Jesus was always ready to help… and so must we.

     We must imitate Jesus’ constant readiness to serve.

     Perhaps we need to pray for this particular grace:

        not to use our tiredness as an excuse for putting off

        the call to help or serve for another day.

     Let us pray that, just like Jesus, we may never be

        too tired to do an act of kindness, right away.

2. Jesus did not need a crowd to do an act of kindness.

     He did not require an audience to do something good for someone.

        -  He did it in obscurity, with no fanfare.

*  We then ask: Isn’t it true that we find it better

    to do good when many people can see us?

     Oftentimes we exert efforts when it will be seen by many,

        efforts that we will not make when we are within our own private circle.

     When we are alone, it is easier to be our old, wicked selfish selves,

        since there is no one to watch over us or censure us.

     Yet, for Jesus, with or without the crowds, applause or no applause,

        appreciated or ridiculed, he would still do an act of kindness.

3. When Peter’s mother-in-law was cured, 

    “she got up immediately and waited on them.”

     She immediately served the Lord and his disciples.

     She realized that she had been given back her health

        to spend it in the service of others.

*  We must remember this: We are healed always for others.

     We are blessed for others, we are given graces for others,

        we receive benefits for others.

     We are never, never blessed only for ourselves;

        we are never healed for ourselves; we are never

        treated with much delight and favor for ourselves.

     We are blessed, we are healed, we are favored

        for that one significant entity: OTHERS.

*  We ask three blessings from the Lord in this Eucharist.

    1.  Never to get tired doing acts of kindness.

    2.  To do good even if it is only God who sees us.

    3.  To serve because we have been blessed.

         We are saved to serve!


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