Tuesday, 26th Week in Ordinary Time
Fr. Nelson Orqueta
“He is resolutely determined to journey to Jerusalem…”
The mission of Jesus was an arduous one, requiring suffering and death, but Jesus eagerly looked forward to its completion.
Jesus was able to bear pain and suffering because of his “resolute determination.”
We must journey with Jesus with the same resolute determination.
This is the kind of determination we must have and develop as we do our utmost to grow in our spiritual life,
or as we strive to be faithful to our vows and promises,
or as we sacrifice to make our family close to God,
or as we hold on to our commitment to serve others.
Instead of just talking about determination, I’d like to show you a video clip that portrays real determination.
I’m sure many of you have already watched it but just the same I’d like to show to you:
We need to be resolutely determined as we journey with Jesus.


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