*  “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites…”

*  A number of things might pop to mind when we hear the word hypocrite.

     Maybe it is a politician caught in a scandal.

        +  Maybe it is a priest doing something counter to his preaching.

        +  Maybe it is a scheming and conniving character in a soap opera.

*  The word hypocrite comes from the Greek word hypokrites

    which means “an actor or a stage player.”

     The actors in ancient Greek theater wore masks

        while playing their characters.

        +  They interpreted the story behind their masks.

     The Greek word took on an extended meaning to refer

        to any person who was wearing a figurative mask

        and pretending to be someone or something they were not.

     Eventually hypokrites referred to “someone who pretends

        to be morally good or pious in order to deceive others.”

*  The truth of the matter is that all of us wear masks from time to time.

     On occasion we all play the hypocrite.

        -  Certainly I am conscious of that.

     Every time I talk about taking up the cross and following Jesus,

        I am confronted with the question of hos much faith costs me

        and whether I am giving my all to the Lord.

     The critics are right: the church is full of hypocrites.

        -  The more conscious you are of Christ’s call, the more you are

            aware of how inadequate your own witness is.

*  However, there is something else that needs to be said: Be careful

    about judging other people by the masks they wear.

     This is a different perspective on wearing masks.

     For example, young people often try on many ‘masks’

        as they seek to determine an authentic identity.

        -  Their clothes, their accessories, their piercings, their tattoos,

            their language, their music – all these are masks.

     Be careful of judging people on their outward appearance.

        -  We all wear masks of one kind or another.

*  The scribe and Pharisees were wearing masks.

     They were pretending a piety they did not possess.

    ?? Who among us had not done the same thing?

*  Here is the important thing we need to see or remember: 

    regardless of the mask we wear, we cannot fool God.

     Regardless of what kind of mask we choose to put on,

        God knows us as we really are.

        -  God sees our hearts. God knows our real priorities.

        -  God sees behind the mask.


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